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Defiance Construction Update March 18, 2009

We are happy with the recent progress of Defiance Block of Nanny Cay Village. The construction crew has been very busy. Since the last update, they have cast the slab grade beams, then striped all the formwork and have been back-filling to prepare for the steel work on the slab. Last week they finished all…

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Nanny Cay Completes Electrical Upgrades; Add Back Up Power For Docks

Final stage of transformer installationNanny Cay Resort and Marina in the British Virgin Islands, has just completed the final phase of its electrical infrastructure upgrades and can now supply back up power property-wide including all the docks, hotel, new townhouses and office and retail space.

Nanny Cay management has been rolling out the upgrade over the last year. A 600kw generator was installed in September, 2009 and the installation of a transformer near Peg Leg Landing bar and restaurant last week completed the roll out of back up power to the outer end of the 25-acre property, including the docks.

Nanny Cay management has also ensured that there is sufficient extra capacity to meet the power needs of hosted events like the BVI Spring Regatta which will be held March 30 – April 5, and the start of ARC Europe in May.

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Defiance Building Update

Click to enlarge imageThe Defiance building is is the most recent addition to the new waterfront homes at Nanny Cay Village. Still in its early stage of construction, Defiance already has the majority of the infrastructure in place. This includes the new road bridge which was built during the construction of the Pelican and Elizabeth…

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