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Free Transfer Programme







Do you want to come sailing in the BVI, dock, repair or store your boat at Nanny Cay?


    Nanny Cay now offers a one way transfer service for privately owned vessels to bring your boat from USVI waters, into the BVI, for free! If you can get your vessel to the USVI, we will do the rest.


    In return we ask that you book dockage or storage for your boat at Nanny Cay for a minimum of one month during 2021.

    Pay for reservation by March 31st, but the deadline for delivery of vessels to Nanny Cay is May 30th.


    This is a fluid situation to say the least, what we can offer today could change tomorrow!


Call or email us to book your boat transfer today. Our delivery team will meet you at a pre-agreed location and bring your boat to Nanny Cay, where it will be secured, and connected to shore power.

We will then send you photos of your boat in its safe new location.

If you still need some questions answered or are ready to jump on this offer, please contact:

Justin Smit, Marina Manager
+ 1 (284) 340 1232 (WhatsApp included)

Questions? We have answers...

How do I and my crew get into the BVI?

Currently, boats with crew are not allowed into the BVI. At this time the only way into the BVI is via the Terrence B Lettsome International Airport (Beef Island).

For flights from Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas to Tortola, Beef Island, please try your favourite flight search site or the following:  

Or for a more personalised booking service, please get in touch with Luther on Tortola:

You can also look for flights from Antigua or St Maarten through:

We are waiting to hear if the ferry terminals will be open for tourist arrivals on March 1st.

Once my boat is in the BVI, am I free to cruise BVI waters?

Yes, in line with the standard visitor COVID-19 protocols

Who will look after my boat once it arrives at the dock at Nanny Cay?

Our marina staff walks the docks every day and checks dock lines. If you wish additional services like checking bilges, battery charging and so on we recommend you arrange to have one of the yacht management companies at Nanny Cay perform these services for you.

A list of Boat Management companies is available here.

What will I be charged for dockage or storage at Nanny Cay?

We currently have a summer rate freeze for marina, boatyard and hotel all the way through to 1 November 2021 or we can send you a customised quote.

Please email marina or hotel at   For the boatyard, please email for customised pricing.

Can I leave BVI with my vessel without using a delivery service?

Yes, you can leave. A minimum of 3 days should be allowed for various permissions to be granted. NO vessel has been denied permission to leave.  There is also a delivery service available at a cost. Please inquire with us further should this interest you. 

Can I arrange for you to take my boat to Nanny Cay and put it into dry storage for me, then I will return later to have her splashed and go sailing?

Absolutely!  We do ask that contact is made through one of our recognised management companies mentioned in the link on this page

How much does it cost for all the entry quarantine requirements?

The government charge for the entry and day 4 PCR COVID Tests,  the tracking bracelet and the taxi’s to the testing site is $175 per person.

Where can I quarantine?

You can quarantine at Nanny Cay Hotel or onboard your boat if it is in the marina.

Once we are finished with the quarantine time frame, are we free to sail anywhere within the BVI?

There is an "Exclusion Zone" to the west end of Tortola which includes some of the Sir Francis Drake Channel. Permission needs to be granted by BVI Customs to cross this section to get to the west side of Tortola and Jost van Dyke areas.

BVI Covid-19 Protocols - Exclusion zone

Can I get an “Exit” Test for travel to onward destinations

Yes this is possible and is quicker than trying to get one in New York apparently.  Please allow 48 hours for this.

Useful Links

Full Entry Protocol for Joining Your Boat At Nanny Cay

  • Entry into the BVI requires a 4 day quarantine which can be done on your own boat. Once you are in quarantine, you will not be able to walk around Nanny Cay or the BVI for that matter. There are certain Villa situations where it could be done for the whole property. 
  • If you intend to quarantine on your boat, you need to organise provisioning beforehand. This should be done with your management company prior to your arrival. 
  • You need a RT-PCR COVID-19 negative test 5 days before arrival.
  • You or your vessel management company need to fill out a “Home Quarantine Checklist ” This will apply to your boat. This needs to be submitted to The checklist will be noted against your application made online below. 
  • Visitors are required to register and submit documents at a minimum of 48 hrs ahead of time for approval at the BVI GATEWAY
  • You need to have travel insurance to cover COVID-19. This is also offered on arrival.
  • On the day you arrive in the BVI (this is day zero) you will have another PCR test.
  • You will receive a tracking bracelet and then be transported to Nanny Cay Marina where one of our staff or your management company will escort you to your boat. 
  • If you are provisioned, have everything you need and you are ready to leave the dock for 4 days, you can leave at this point and go to any of the government approved anchorages.
  • You are then able to cruise around in those areas until your day 4 PCR test.
  •  All marine traffic has to be anchored or have a mooring by 6pm every night. 
  • Alternatively, you can stay on the boat in the marina for the 4 days and receive restaurant orders from Peg Legs and even nearby Mulligans.  You can receive deliveries from local supermarkets. 
  • On day 4, the current situation is that every vessel has to return to Nanny Cay Marina to the outer marina, M dock, free of charge. Here you will get a government supplied taxi to Orlando Smith Hospital for the day 4 PCR test. You then return to your vessel where you can either wait on the dock overnight, still in quarantine or head out to the anchorages once again.
  • Finally, which is now day 5, you will receive an email result with your last test and then you are free to mingle with the public. 
  • The tracking bracelet can now be removed and returned to a local police station with a print out of your negative PCR COVID test for each person of your crew. 
  1. Children under 5 years will not be tested.
  2. If you test positive prior to arrival you will not be permitted to enter the BVI.
  3. If you test positive at any stage upon or after arrival, you will be required to quarantine for 14 days. 
  4. This can be on your own vessel.