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Hourly Dockage Rates

First hour is free. Each additional hour is $15.00. Minimum charge: 35 feet.


Summer Rates - From May 1st to October 31st

35 ft - 49 ft$1.49$0.94$0.73
50 ft - 100 ft$1.76$0.98$0.78
100 ft +$2.63 per foot per day
Multihulls$2.43 per foot per day
T-Heads$2.43 per foot per day

Winter Rates - From November 1st to April 30th

Up to 49 ft$1.53$1.06$0.88
50 ft - 99 ft$1.81$1.23$1.01
100 foot +$2.66 per foot per day
Multihulls$2.45 per foot per day
T-Heads$2.45 per foot per day

Rates are on a foot per day basis
Minimum rate based on a 35ft vessel

Monthly Dockage

Is only available by prior arrangement. One month dockage required as a non-refundable deposit.

Electricity Rates

Daily  Monthly 
110 volts without AC$12.00 per day110 volts without AC$120.00
110 volts with AC$25.00 per day110 volts with AC$250.00
220 volts without AC$17.00 per day220 volts without AC$170.00
220 volts with AC$35.00 per day220 volts with AC$350.00
Metered Electricity (where available) - $0.55/kw


Price per gallon $0.14

Locker Rentals available on request


Payments of all charges to be settled by cash, travelers cheques, Visa or MasterCard prior to departure. --- NO AMEX.