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Environmental Management & Monitoring Plan

Nanny Cay’s expansion project includes the preparation and execution of an Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan (EMMP). This Plan will identify the environmental issues of concern and guide the implementation of works towards mitigating impacts both during the construction and ongoing operation of the development enhancements.

A Special Inspector will be appointed to monitor development works to ensure that the directions called out in the EMMP are being adhered to and are satisfying their intended objectives. The Special Inspector reports to directly to both Nanny Cay’s Projects Personnel and the Town and Country Planning Department.

Key environmental aspects of the proposed development expansion works include:

  1. An outer peninsula revetment comprised of 7 feet thick of large diameter armor rock on a stable 2:1 slope with a top elevation of 8′ above mean sea level.
  2. Tidal flushing channels incorporated through the peninsula to ensure good turn-over of the marina basin water
  3. Preservation of the mangroves along the west bank of the current Nanny Cay flushing channel.
  4. Promotion of new mangrove habitat in select areas of the new shoreline.
  5. Maintenance of turbidity curtains around the areas of dredging and filling operations to mitigate against the transport of sediment.
  6. Improved boatyard operation practices including utilizing closed system cyclonic wash-down equipment, responsible disposal management of waste products, and improved treatment of storm water runoff.
  7. Provision of marine wastewater pump out facilities.

Nanny Cay’s commitment to protecting and enhancing the environment that we live and work in continues to be exhibited since development improvements commenced in 2001. Nanny Cay remains proud of this commitment and looks forward to achieving even greater accomplishments in the years to come.