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A Message from Mile Sutherland Pilch, General Manager, Nanny Cay - Wednesday, October 18, 2017

First, let me apologize for our lack of communication. The passages of Irma and Maria knocked us for six. Many of us at Nanny Cay are veterans of multiple hurricanes, but nothing prepared us for the destruction to our property and infrastructure that these two hurricanes caused.

Just as we were beginning to dig out after Irma, we had to prepare for Maria. Let me say how sorry I am that your boat was damaged at Nanny Cay. As you know, we do everything we can to secure your boats as best as we can, but Irma was a monster - with 220 mph gusts, and 185mph sustained winds recorded at Peter Island, we didn’t have a chance. I read recently that a category 5 hurricane is 500 times stronger than a category 1 hurricane and causes 144 times more damage!

However, our new outer marina protected us from the worst of the surge which caused considerable additional damage along the south coast.

Salvage teams leapt into action the day after Irma, securing boats in the marina, before moving to the boatyard. So far, in the region of 40 larger boats have been moved and righted by these teams. A 90-tonne crane was used to to undertake this work and, as has been widely discussed, a fee of $7,000 was charged for righting and re-chocking a boat. This charge was agreed between the salvors, the insurance company and its appointed surveyor. Nanny Cay was not directly involved in this process.

The 90-tonne crane has now left Nanny Cay. A 60-tonne crane is due to arrive today (Wednesday). This will be used for phase II.

Phase II will be led by Nanny Cay with all staff and equipment sub-contracting to us. This 60-tonne crane will be used for righting the rest of the boats in the yard where required. We are planning to start work on Monday, earlier if possible.

There will be a charge for this work. The fee will range from $2,700 to $3,300 depending on the size of boat for the righting and re-chocking. There may be an additional fee for riggers to deal with your mast and rigging. This will be $190 per hour for two riggers when needed. Occasionally we may need to use a small crane to move rigging. This will be charged at a flat fee of $400.

There are three important things to note with phase II:

1) Nanny Cay will be making no profit from this work. We are covering these substantial third-party costs as they accumulate, and passing them on in a fixed fee.

2) We will be requesting pre-authorization, but not pre-payment, from the insurance company, surveyor or owner, before we move a boat. Owners will receive an email from when your boat is scheduled for moving.

3) We want this process to go as quickly possible, so a lack of authorization will not stop us from moving a boat; we will deal with non-payment of fees as we usually do.

Also, please be assured that we are allowing marine professionals such as yacht management staff, surveyors and insurers access to boats in the yard. However, owners and the general public are not allowed access due to safety concerns

Thank you for your patience. We understand these have been trying times. We are working as hard as we can to secure your boat as fast as we can.

As we move forward, you will hear from us more.

Was your boat in storage, in the work yard or in a slip at Nanny Cay during the recent Hurricanes?

Were you planning to visit us during the 2017/2018 season and wonder if you still can?

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