Approval for entry must be obtained prior to traveling, through an online portal

The health, safety and well-being of our guests, staff and the community is our top priority. As we work to open the BVI borders we would like to advise all of our guests of the efforts we are taking to make Nanny Cay cleaner and safer. 

We understand that the government allows some flexibility with regards to movements around resorts during the four day quarantine period.  However, Nanny Cay Resort and Marina is a unique property which includes 47 residential homes, over 50 businesses, the marina and hotel, as well as daily guests from our wider community.  Due to these exceptional circumstances we have implemented our own restrictions for guests wanting to spend the mandatory 4-day quarantine at our resort.  Hopefully this will help you make the right decisions regarding your travel arrangements and arrival options into the BVI at this time.


  • A security deposit of $500 is required for all quarantining reservations prior to arrival, non-compliance of the Nanny Cay quarantine rules will result in a forfeiture of this deposit.
  • All reservations must be paid prior to arrival by Visa or Mastercard.
  • Guests will be required to sign an agreement acknowledging our quarantine requirements.
  • During the four-day quarantine period guests WILL NOT be allowed to move around the resort, marina or boatyard.  All quarantined guests will be required to stay on their own boat in the marina, hotel room and balcony or villa for the entire 4 days requested by the government until the “all clear” is given after the second test.
  • ANY boats in the marina with guests in quarantine must fly the Q Flag
  • Quarantine WILL NOT be permitted on boats in the boatyard.
  • Take out food and deliveries will be allowed to your vessel on the quarantine dock, room or villa for the duration.
  • Room attendants will be on hand to deliver meals from the Nanny Cay restaurants and fresh towels or linens to your room, but will not be entering occupied rooms during the quarantine period. Please place dirty towels and linens in the provided laundry bags and leave outside your door.  Please also leave trash in the provided bags, outside your door when full or needing to be removed.
    • Room attendants will provide daily service after the initial quarantine period.
  • We are working on trying to get NCRM as a swabbing test station, watch this space!


Recognizing the new standards of proper social distancing, cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting practices, we’ve implemented protocols to ensure the highest measures of safety across all areas of the resort.  Our hotel and restaurant has enacted 6-foot social distancing requirements in public areas and provided hand sanitizing stations throughout the property.  High touch areas will be frequently cleaned and disinfected and plexiglass shields have been installed for high traffic areas such as front desks.  Guest rooms will be thoroughly sanitized and disinfected after each guest departure.  All team members and guests are required to wear masks.

Please note the new policies we have enacted to keep us all safe

  • Each guest room will be cleaned and disinfected.
  • Pool chlorine will be maintained and controlled throughout the day
  • Pool towels washed and sanitized prior to being available upon request
  • Guests and employees are instructed to practice physical distancing by standing six feet away from other groups who are not traveling with them.
  • All guest areas will be subject to regular disinfecting and cleaning.
  • All staff and guests are required to wear masks except when eating and drinking in the restaurants and bars, or using the pool.


  • From 01 December, all travelers, including residents, belongers, work permit holders and tourists will be subjected to the following testing and quarantine protocols.

  • All travelers will be required to download a trace tracking app and be issued with a Travel Certificate

  • A certified Covid-19 negative test within five days prior to arrival for all travelers.

  • A test on arrival, which if negative, allows controlled movement within the confines of an approved property or vessel for four days. 

  • A further test after the four days quarantine, which if negative, allows full movement within the Territory

  • A positive test at any time after arrival will result in a mandatory 14 day quarantine

  • Approval for entry must be obtained prior to traveling, through an online portal,


If you intend to start making plans to arrive, please start with the online portal above and then when you get to the section regarding property or premises to quarantine you should put your boat and location of Nanny Cay Marina or hotel/villa and location of Nanny Cay Hotel.  You would then arrive through the ferry or airport and be transferred directly to your boat, room or villa. 

Whether you are planning to travel now or in the future, our team members are ready to welcome you with excellent service and attention to detail guests have come to expect here at Nanny Cay.