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If you are a boat owner, please contact your insurance company as soon as possible to ensure a surveyor is appointed. We cannot start moving boats until they have been inspected and signed off.

The Boatyard Team will be in their new office Monday (September 25) morning as we gradually switch from survival- to operational-mode. Please send your boat and boat related questions to Still no phone lines.


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The eye of Hurricane Maria passed 55 miles to the south of Tortola, as a category 4 or 5 hurricane, in the early hours of Wednesday and we suffered minimal damage in comparison to Irma. However, we did suffer some additional damage to property and boats. We experienced hurricane force winds (full strength still to be determined), and a large surge from the south. Maria took a very long time to pass. Had Maria been the first hurricane to visit the BVI this year, damage would have been far greater than we saw – it’s hard to spot the additional damage!


With 40 Commando HQ, and 60 Royal Marines at Nanny Cay, we have been able to better establish the role of the Royal Marines in the aid efforts in the BVI. Their primary role is to provide security, to stabilize the BVI, protect the population, enable recovery, and support the provision of aid from the Department for International Development (DFID) and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO). 200 Royal Marines, including 20 Commando Engineers from 24 Commando Engineer Regiment, are currently in the BVI. HMS Ocean is en route, due to arrive September 21/22, with vehicles, equipment and aid.

NANNY CAY POST-IRMA – UPDATE #2, September 13, 2017

Well, this time last week the worst of Irma was about to hit the BVI. After cutting ourselves out of our respective shelters, it has been a very busy week throughout the BVI and Nanny Cay. Partial power has been restored. The RO Water Plant, which was more damaged than we thought, has been fixed after some mis-starts. We are filling the storage tanks and continue to work on distribution throughout the property, but have hose pipes for Nanny Cay residents to replenish their containers We have run a water line to the main road to give potable water to anyone in the community that needs it. Nanny Cay is filling up with surveyors and loss adjusters. If you are a boat owner, please contact your insurance company as soon as possible to ensure a surveyor is appointed. We cannot start moving boats in the boatyard until they have been inspected and signed off. Boats continue to be moved from the old marina, and the new marina is filling up with floating boats. Nanny Cay is a hive of activity. The clean up continues and everyone is working very hard in the harsh summer heat.

POST-IRMA UPDATE #1 – Sunday, September 10, 12:00pm

We are finally getting ourselves organized after the horrendous passage of Irma on Wednesday. First the good news from the Nanny Cay perspective: So far, and we have not heard from everybody, we have had no reports of loss of life of any of our staff, and certainly no one that rode out the hurricane on the property. Everyone that works and lives in Nanny Cay is working extremely hard, in very challenging conditions, to restore as much normality as we can as quickly as we can. We have partially restored power. We have restored the sewage system. We are still working on the water plant. We have already moved a number of floating boats from the inner marina to the undamaged outer marina, and continue to do so at a good rate. All charter companies are assessing their yachts. Virgin Motor Yachts and Horizon Yacht Charters report that they will have boats for charter for the upcoming season.