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Nanny Cay operates a full service boatyard on Tortola providing the discerning boat owner with every possible service and facility necessary to keep their vessel in ship-shape condition.

Quality Commitment

The Boatyard staff at Nanny Cay understand that hauling a vessel can be a concern for many boat owners. We are on hand at all times to offer any friendly advice or guidance that you may require. No job is too small or too big for our staff and the associated businesses that operate here at Nanny Cay. Our goal and commitment to you is that as you head out of Nanny Cay’s breakwater and set a course into the wild blue yonder, you leave knowing that whatever work you had done here was completed to the highest standard and with the utmost care and attention.

Boatyard Reservations

Reservations can be made, subject to availability, by VHF Channel 16, phone, fax, email, regular mail or by visiting the boatyard office. Reservations made more than 24 hours in advance must be supported by a credit card or other form of deposit.

 (284) 345 2658

Our Boat Yard is proud to offer a Yacht Cradle Storage facility

Using specially designed galvanized steel cradles from the Yacht Leg and Cradle Company of England we have a system which provides maximum security for your yacht while she is stored in out boat yard.


Together with these cradles we also offer a sand screw system which effectively anchors your vessel to the ground using heavy duty sand screws and straps.

An extra one off charge of $3000.00 is required for yacht owners wishing to use this system. Normal monthly storage charges will remain in place while your yacht is stored. These pictures below show a Swan 65 secured for storage and we also have cradles available for 40′ to 55′ vessels.


If you wish further information on this exciting new system please call or email our Yard Manager and he will be happy to help you with any questions you may have:

Boatyard Services

Haul & Launch

Nanny Cay operates two travel-lifts side-by-side. One is a conventional Acme Travel Lift capable of lifting monohulls up to 68 feet long, 10 feet draft and weighing up to 50 tons. The other is a wide-body lift, capable of lifting and moving catamarans up to 32′ beam and 70 tons in weight making it the widest lift capacity in the BVI and the largest capacity lift of its type north of Trinidad.

Marine Engineering

The boatyard offers an extensive list of services including fully stocked machine shops, metal fabrication and and welding shops with specialists in diesel and petrol engine repairs and marine refrigeration systems.


Two expert shipwright shops provide the finest marine craftsmanship and woodworking facilities.

Experts are on hand specialising in fiberglass repair and yacht construction. They are able to repair anything from the slightest ding in the gel coat to holes you could drive a VW Beetle through!


Our painting facilities are some the finest in the islands with experts in Awlgrip Marine Coatings along with other specialist systems providing the finest finish to your vessel whether it be above or below the waterline.


Specialists are available to assist with any rigging problems you may have whether it is the removal of a mast for storage, the repair of a roller furling system or a complete rig replacement.


Experts in all aspects of marine electronics are available on site to be called upon to work on any of your yacht’s electrical systems; from installing a VHF radio or fixing an instrument, to a complete rewiring of the entire vessel.


Two firms of independent, professional and qualified Marine Surveyors are located at Nanny Cay. They are available for all kinds of survey work from valuation to repairs management.


Our fully stocked chandlery is available on-site providing all the necessary boatyard materials and a wide range of sailing necessities including charts, lines, fenders, flares etc.


There is twenty-four hour security operating in Nanny Cay. There will be be one or two security guards patrolling the grounds at all times. They can be contacted by either calling 340 1977 or the hotel reception.

Latest Boatyard News

Post-Irma Update #5

90 boats in the two main storage areas have been righted, re-chocked, and/or moved since Irma; we have restored our fuel docks, are serving fuel and water; we have managed to salvage additional docks to rebuild ‘A’ dock; the 36th annual BVI Charter Yacht Show takes place this week.

Post-Irma Update #4

Hurricane Irma passed just over a month ago, and while we still have a long way to go, solid progress continues. Sixty docks are due to arrive in November and be installed in the undamaged outer marina, this will give us just over 100 slips here. We hope to accommodate many of our guests here this season.