At 3pm on February 23, the Nanny Cay team righted the last boat in the boatyard that had been toppled by Hurricane Irma on September 6th.

Over 200 boats were moved in the process, with us having to move 80 boats to reach the 130 boats that had to be righted and re-chocked.

The whole process was an unprecedented logistical challenge further complicated by the arrival of Hurricane Maria two weeks after Irma, and the procedures related to insurance assessments and approvals before we could move the boats.

The Nanny Cay boatyard team together with Husky Salvage worked tirelessly to complete the work using a combination of 90- and 60-tonne cranes, smaller cranes, our Marine Travelift, Acme Marine Hoist, and self-propelled hydraulic boat trailer.

Boatyard Manager Ted Reshetiloff said: “I know this process hasn’t been perfect, I know we made some mistakes, and I know it took a long time but an effort like this has never taken place before. The collaborative effort involved a lot of people behind the scenes working very hard on the administrative side to connect all the dots. I would like to thank everyone who was a part of this effort.”

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