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Over the year’s Nanny Cay has been making constant improvements to the facilities, and considerable strides in making itself fully self-sufficient in terms of infrastructural needs. We are also steadily greening operations where we can.

Nanny Cay has two 750 kva generators with the second installed in late 2015. With current loads, this gives us one redundant generator enabling us to use them on an alternating basis. As our power needs increase, the generators will run in tandem, balancing the loads if necessary. However, we will able to provide more than enough power for both marinas when full.

SaniSailor Pump OutSaniSailor Pump Out

In 2013, Nanny Cay installed Tortola’s first marine waste pump-out facility on K dock near the entrance to the marina. The US-built SaniSailor marine pump-out system can remove waste at 20-35 gallons per minute.

This feeds into Nanny Cay’s existing waste treatment plant which currently processes approximately 19,000 gallons of waste water per day which was installed in 2006. 3000 gallons are reused as gray water on a daily basis.

Reverse osmosis plantReverse Osmosis plant

Nanny Cay’s reverse osmosis water plant, installed in 2002, produces 50,000 gallons per day feeding the entire property with potable water. We also have a Clear Water vending machine with full filtration and UV disinfection for visitors to fill and reuse up to 5 gallon containers.

The back up generators, r/o and recycling plants ensure that we are 100% self-sufficient if we need to be, and put no strain whatsoever on Tortola’s infrastructure.


In 2014, we invested in a new filtration system for the boatyard manufactured by Encyclon Inc, a leading cyclonic filtration system manufacturer. This new system gives us a level of water filtration on the hundreds of boats that are hauled and pressure-washed in our boatyard every year.

Garbage truckWaste

A waste oil storage unit with 64 square foot containers and emergency trap was installed in the Summer of 2016.

Also in 2016, Nanny Cay added an island-style garbage truck. This new garbage truck ensures better management of garbage removal around the property. We also undertake weekly mosquito control inspections and have a number of In2Care mosquito traps around the property.

Plastic and glass recycling at Nanny Cay

Plastic and glass is now collected for recycling. There are small bins near the docks and a large collection bin next to the main garbage skip opposite the “No wake” buoy. Green VI takes the glass and VI Plastics, the plastic, for recycling here in the BVI.