Nanny Cay has installed Tortola’s first marine waste pump-out facility on the new K dock near the entrance to the marina.  The US-built SaniSailor marine pump-out system can remove waste at 20-35 gallons per minute.  This will feed into Nanny Cay’s existing waste treatment plant which currently processes approximately 19,000 gallons of waste water per day.  

The SaniSailor system has leak detection and protection and the pumps will automatically shut off if a leak is detected with the waste contained inside a sealed pump housing.

“We have added this facility as a service to our visiting marina guests who have holding tanks installed and need to be able to dispose of their waste in the way that these holding tanks were intended,” said Miles Sutherland-Pilch, general manager.  “Because of our large capacity treatment plant we are in a position to be able to introduce this facility, and effectively be BVI-resource-neutral in that we can process this additional waste internally without any need to feed into Tortola’s sewage system.”

“This is a toe-in-the-water exercise. The reality is that we can probably only physically handle about 10-12 yachts a day.  If we see demand there are a number of options to expand the system.  However, at the moment this is predominantly a service for our marina guests and in-house charter boats and the intention is not necessarily to create a large pump-out station.”


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