Preparing for the Caribbean 1500 Awards Ceremony on the beachThe 2012 Caribbean 1500 – the 23rd edition of the annual event – is all but wrapped up in Tortola. Rally staff departed the island late last week along with several participants who are headed home for the Thanksgiving holidays.

One boat – the Tayana 37 Miramar – remains at sea after departing one week after the main fleet thanks to a few last-minute repairs. At the last position report at 1600 on Wednesday, November 21, Miramar was still 191.8 nautical miles from Tortola.

Jeremy and Jamie, along with their cat Quixote, have been having a good passage thus far, and are enjoying their time despite being a week behind their new friends.

“Thanks for the kind words, and the prize!,” wrote the crew of Miramar after they were informed of winning the ‘Youngest Skipper Award. “And for setting up a rum drink to meet us, even though we’re arriving so late! There’d been discussion about landing further west, but the waiting drinks and friends make it extremely likely we’ll stay on course to Tortola!”

Several boats have volunteered to welcome Miramar upon their arrival in Nanny Cay, emphasizing the camaraderie that makes the event so special, even in the organizers’ absence. 

Indeed the impact that this year’s event has had on the participants will be felt throughout the Caribbean sailing season and perhaps for years to come. Martin of the Australian boat JAC has put out an open request for any C1500 crews to join him on various legs as he sails the boat onward in the Caribbean this winter and eventually to Australia next spring, a huge homecoming for him. Yesterday he along with Jen and Scott from Pendragon, rendezvoused with a local dive shop to dive one of the wrecks near Tortola. 

 The event is officially over now, but it continues nonetheless with experiences like that.

“In the end, it’s the participants themselves that make the event such a special one, who take the lasting memories with them,” said Andy Schell of World Cruising Club. “Thanks for joining us this year, and we hope to see you out on the ocean in the future!”