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Nanny Cay Challenge for Round Tortola Record

Nanny Cay has launched the Nanny Cay Challenge for the round Tortola record.  Yachts visiting the British Virgin Islands are invited to make an attempt to beat the latest round Tortola records which have been established by the monohull and multihull times set in the 2009 PegLegs Round Tortola Race.

The current multihull and overall record is held by Triple Jack, a Kelsal 47 trimaran with a time of 3 hours, 33 minutes, 27 seconds.  The monohull time to beat of 4 hours, 15 minutes and 5 seconds, was set by Dave West’s Jurakan, a Melges 32It’s an all-comer, any-day event, starting and finishing off Nanny Cay.  The start transit will be in line with PegLeg Restaurant’s upper deck at the entrance to Nanny Cay Marina.  Competitors must attempt the record anti-clockwise and round Beef, Scrub Island, Great Camanoe and Guana Island to port.  An entry fee of a $250 donation to a BVI charity of the challenger’s choice will include two night’s dockage (before and after attempt) at Nanny Cay.

Miles Sutherland-Pilch, general manager of Nanny Cay commented: “The PegLegs Round Tortola Race is a great yomp on a fast boat, but takes place only once a year.  We wanted to provide the organization and a little incentive for visiting yachts to have a go at any time. As with most sailing events, the reward is in the taking part and bragging rights but record breakers will be able to celebrate their feat with a free dinner at PegLegs for up to 15 crewmembers and a jeroboam of champagne compliments of Nanny Cay Marina.  They’ll also get their name on the trophy which will be on display year-round in PegLegs.”

Competing yachts will be provided with a Boat-Eyes satellite tracker which will be used to record elapsed times.   Spectators will be able to track the challenger’s record attempt on-line and it will also be broadcast live in PegLegs Restaurant.   Boat-Eyes, based in the British Virgin Islands, is a satellite yacht tracking system for the Caribbean.

To enter the Nanny Cay Challenge, challengers should contact Miles Sutherland-Pilch, General Manager, Tel: (284) 494 2512,

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