Nanny Cay has partnered with the Recovery & Development Agency (RDA) on a pilot programme for the proper recovery and removal of the remaining 200 derelict and abandoned boats throughout the BVI left after Irma.

The main aim of the pilot programme is to develop the ¨best practice¨ for the processing of the wrecks after they have been recovered. This will include stripping the boats down into three main categories – wood, metal and fibreglass. Once stripped down, crushed and sorted, the RDA will establish the best method for final disposal.

Our initial focus is to clear the last few sunken boats in the corner of the marina near the main road entrance into the marina.

Historically this end of the marina has been used by fishermen to dock their boats in the mangroves on the northern shoreside.

Once this corner has been cleared we will be able to install some community docks for small fishing boats. This should make life easier for the fishermen and help to protect the mangrove stand that is there.