February Update: Phase I Inner Marina completed; first renovated hotel rooms completed

Four docks completed in inner marina, first refurbished hotel rooms available for booking, work on additional reconstruction and improvements continue apace.

Inner Marina

Phase 1 of the Inner Marina rebuild was completed this week following the installation of transformers and connection of power to B, C, D and G docks.

E and F docks are being assembled, H and J docks are underway from the UK, and A dock is about to ship. New equipment for our fuel supplier sol, is under construction and expected to be installed on the new A (fuel) dock.

Docks have been renamed into a more logical sequence: A to K docks are in the inner marina starting from the entrance, L to R docks are in the outer marina starting from the entrance.


Roofing has been completed and the first three refurbished hotel rooms have been finished and are available for booking on a limited basis. The rooms feature updated decor, new furniture, and polished concrete floors.

Twenty rooms on the top floor are being worked on in stage one. They are being reconfigured with more space and better layouts for the wardrobe, bathroom and shower. Solar water heating and new energy efficient air-condition systems are being installed as well.

A further five rooms will be completed by April, and all 20 top floor rooms should be completed by this Summer.

While construction continues the new hotel rooms will have limited availability on request only. Contact Hotel & Property Manager, Jane Tyrrell for details.


Initial work has started on a new access road that will run around the seaward edge of the property until it reaches the junction to the outer marina.

This will enable us to reconfigure the boatyard – which is currently cut in two – to more efficiently use the space and add additional facilities such as a spraying shed. A dustless sanding policy was introduced early last year and has helped to substantially reduce air pollution in the boatyard. A spraying shed will help further.

The new road will include a path for pedestrians, and will be raised to provide additional protection from storm surges. 


Nanny Cay is installing a ring main electrical power distribution system – an electrical spider web – where the network of distributors is fed by more than one feeder. If one feeder is faulty or under maintenance, the ring distributor is still energized by other feeders. Additionally, the ring main system also has multiple isolation points. If a fault occurs on any section of the ring, that zone´s transformer can easily be isolated to allow repair without the need for a complete shutdown of power.

Overview Of Additional Improvements and Changes

Boatyard Equipment

A new 60-tonne self-propelled boat trailer arrived in October to supplement the existing 40-tonne trailer. An additional 50-tonne Travelift has been added to the boatyard fleet. With this new arrival Nanny Cay has one 70-tonne lift and two 50-tonne lifts.

Outer Marina

The Outer Marina with 100 slips was completed in 2018. It has a fuel dock at the entrance which serves diesel, gas, ice and water.

Now both marinas offer fuel service.

Eating & drinking

The kitchen serving the new PegLegs On The Beach has been tripled in size giving staff a far better working environment and the equipment and space to start broadening the menu. Dining is beachside under large waterfront tents.

Backup Power

Nanny Cay has two permanent 750kva backup generators; a third 750kva generator has been purchased and containerized ready for emergency deployment as necessary.


A 1000-gallon fuel bowser has been purchased to provide emergency fuel portability throughout the property if required.


Nanny Cay is increasing its water production capacity by 50% and its water storage capacity by 25%.

Nanny Cay operates a 50,000 gallon per day reverse osmosis water plant; a second 25,000 gallon per day plant has been bought, and that too is containerized for emergency deployment.

Two 50,000 gallon water storage tanks are ready for assembly and will replace the existing 80,000 gallon tank splitting water storage between the two for additional safety.

Communication & IT

The cell tower installed at Nanny Cay is now rated to 220-mph winds, and a second COW – cell on wheels -is stored on the property – a C.O.W is a mobile cell site that includes a tower and transceiver as well as all other necessary equipment, on a trailer or truck.

All major software systems are based in the cloud, and internet access, through fibre-optic cabling and wifi mesh networks is provided by two different telecoms companies.