Pirates Heading For Nanny Cay In Pirate Treasure Trail

Watch out for little pirates from October onwards, as Peg Legs and Nanny Cay team up with Sunsail and the BVI Tourist Board as part of the Pirate Treasure Trail, a family-fun, pirate-themed treasure hunt around the BVI.


The BVI Tourist Board has provided gold coins that will be in six strategic sailing destinations, (treasure troves) around the BVI. Peg Legs is one of the two Tortola locations.

On boarding their Sunsail yacht, each child will receive a pirate eye patch and a map of the BVI showing the location of each of the six ‘treasure troves’.


On arrival at the Pegs Legs treasure trove, children (and other pirates) will have to be wearing their patch/bandana and ask for their treasure (sword not obligatory), and they will be given a gold coin. The rest of their scurvy crew, aka mum and dad, can sit back with a cocktail and enjoy the views, while the kids search for their plunder.

Each participant can collect up to six gold coins to take home as their treasure together with a prize certificate. The competition is open to all children on a Sunsail charter under the age of 16.

Prepare to repel boarders, starting 15th October!