POST-IRMA UPDATE #1 – Sunday, September 10, 12:00pm

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We are finally getting ourselves organized after the horrendous passage of Irma on Wednesday.

First the good news from the Nanny Cay perspective:

  • So far, and we have not heard from everybody, we have had no reports of loss of life of any of our staff, and certainly no one that rode out the hurricane on the property.
  • Everyone that works and lives in Nanny Cay is working extremely hard, in very challenging conditions, to restore as much normality as we can as quickly as we can.
  • We have partially restored power.
  • We have restored the sewage system.
  • We are still working on the water plant.
  • We have already moved a number of floating boats from the inner marina to the undamaged outer marina, and continue to do so at a good rate.
  • All charter companies are assessing their yachts. Virgin Motor Yachts and Horizon Yacht Charters report that they will have boats for charter for the upcoming season.


Most boats in the boatyard have toppled but some have not. The catamarans and powerboats fared much better than the monohulls. Please bear with us, it will take weeks to fully assess damage to individual boats and let owners know the status.

The inner marina has not done well. Boats are still floating and being salvaged daily, but it is too early to give any real status report.
With extremely limited cell phone access, the rumour-mill is running high. We cannot answer questions to many rumours.
However, we can confirm that no boat traffic of any sort is allowed into the marina. ALL incoming boats bring supplies and relief must clear in at Port Purcell.

Nanny Cay is closed to general public, only staff, business owners and residents are allowed access.
We will post updates when we can, and try to answer questions, but our focus is on the daily effort of rebuilding after this catastrophe.

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