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Homegrown Racing App For BVI Spring Regatta

SailRacer, brainchild of Nanny Cay’s IT guru and keen racing sailor, Adrian Sinton, is a suite of apps that work in synchronicity to bring shared weather and mark location data to both regatta officials and competitors alike. is a sponsor of this year’s BVI Spring Regatta which will be using the race committee mobile app Sailracer RC and Sailracer Basic applications.

Adrian Sinton (left) and app developer Ricardas Novosinskas

Adrian Sinton (left) and app developer Ricardas Novosinskas

For the officials, SailRacer RC uses wind wands and smart mobile devices to link mark and signal boats across the race course. The cloud-based SailRacer system tracks and shares all race marks locations and wind information in real time. Mark positions can be updated with the click of a button and live wind information is available to all connected devices including SailRace Basic.

For the racers, SailRacer Basic – for free download on Android and iOS – gives sailors the same live wind information that the race committee sees from participating mark boats across the race course; actual mark locations are not only visualised on a map, but ranges and bearings to the selected mark are calculated.

SailRacer is designed to present the most important data in the best readable form to allow making tactical decisions as correctly and quickly as possible.

The main screen is a combination of graphical info and of numbers: Compass rose – displaying the course on top; Shift indicator – representing the actual course deviation; Mark – bearing and turn instruction; Laylines; Wind direction and oscillation; Polar and polar efficiency parameter; Other parameters displayed on two panes, user selectable.

SailRacer Basic App - free download

Some of the features:

At the start

• Time to burn

• Guides your boat for an accurate and precise start, to hit the starting line at the very last moment with full speed.

• Distance to starting box laylines

• Supports you to take the best possible place at the Pin or the Boat end of the starting line.

• Favorite end advantage

• Based on wind data (NMEA) it supports you to decide about the most advantageous starting strategy.

For the skipper

• Course laylines

• Supports you to navigate to a mark in the most efficient manner, taking into account wind, polar and adjusted by the current effect.

• Shift indicator and the target speed

• Keeps you sharp in changing conditions.

• The fastest course line

• Pushes to a maximum – readjusting by few degrees already makes a big difference.

For the tactician

• Wind development curve (short and long term)

• Tracks the oscillation and development of the wind, helps to predict and to choose the winning side and to plan the maneuvers.

• Navigation to a mark

• It has never been easier, takes a blink of the eye to get it.

• Current indication (or a drift)

• Is calculated by difference between COG/SOG and Heading/Speed, clarifies the winning decisions.

For the crew:

• Boat efficiency (%)

• Is the first indication to readjust the travelers and tune the rig. It is calculated according to polar, actual speed and target speed.

• Time to layline

• Pushes the crew to an edge setting up for the course change or a next leg.

• Distance and ETA to the mark

• That’s what everybody wants to know when hiking 

SailRacer also acts as the regatta tracking system for race playback and analysis, and notifications can be pushed by the regatta committee to devices for live racing updates.

Time on Time (ToT) for Android Only

Racing in a mixed class with varied ratings can be a bit of a head scratcher when you are trying to figure out who is ahead of who, in the heat of the battle. Discard the laminated cheat sheets, this free android ToT (time on time) calculator app take all the guesswork out of this process. Sailracer ToT calculator will tell you down to the second how much time you are owed, or owing, to any boat in your list, at any time during the race.


Looking for polars, target speeds, laylines, and more? SailRacer’s racing application and Datalinker device will give you “everything you need to improve your performance on the water. It will not help you to drink the champagne after your win, but it will help you get to the podium,” said Adrian.



For more information:

Adrian also developed the Nanny Cay App which you can find out more about here.

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