Nanny Cay is home away from home for Aaron Williams. For 26-years, the 44-year old BVIslander has worked at Nanny Cay, 20 of them at the boatyard, where he is currently employed. His current job title is Travelift Operator but Aaron has functioned in several capacities over the years. He has served as a mechanic, working on the boats and he has also assisted with “office work” as he termed it.

Whatever the role, based on his experience Aaron feels competent enough to handle the task. He particularly loves his assigned post as lift operator responsible for launching and hauling out boats.

“When a boat comes in and we’re getting ready to lift it, that’s the best part for me. You have to know what you’re doing and you have to be able to talk to the customer and see what they want and always try to give them what they want.”

Aaron operates both lifts in the boatyard, one of which has a capacity to hoist boats of up to 50-tonnes and the other up to 70-tonnes.

He feels confident handling both lifts although he says the 70-tonne lift is easier to handle. Coincidentally, it is the lift that he has received his certification in handling. Last year, he completed an intensive Operator Safety Training Course for Marine Travelift Mobile Boat Hoist, Model 70BFM and he proudly displays a copy of his certification in a room at the boatyard.

Married with three children ages 21, 17 and 8, Aaron is one of the longest serving employees in the boatyard. He is always ready and willing to share his knowledge. “I’ve helped to train some of the men who joined after me. I want to make sure that all those around know the basics of operating the lift,” he said.

Prior to the boatyard, Aaron worked for three years each at two of the tenant companies, which gives him a grand total of 26 years at Nanny Cay. “It’s good to work at Nanny Cay. We might have our ups and downs but at the end of the day, we are all family.”

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