Staff Spotlight: Devon “Best on de island mon” Rowe

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If you’ve ever eaten in the relaxed outdoor dining are at Genaker’s or just had a drink at the bar, you probably would have encountered him. Devon Anthony Rowe, a resident of the BVI for the last 16 years, has been employed at Genaker Cafe since 1999 as a bartender and waiter.  He can also be found at the Beach Bar some evenings.

He is warm, his greeting infectious, and his “best on de island mon” catchphrase should be trademarked.  In the midst of being interviewed, he stopped mid-sentence to greet two passersby. “Good morning to the lovely young ladies, looking beautiful today,” he said with his trademark smile and hand outstretched to greet them.

Getting back to the business at hand, Devon responds to the question about how what he enjoys most about his job. “I just love fi serve the people dem, it fun, it nice,” he said in his native Jamaican accent.  “I like to see them smile. Even when I’m having a bad day and I come to work, everything transform, I leave the sadness outside. I like to make the people happy,” he added.

Devon enjoys the community setting at Nanny Cay. “I know almost everybody here,” he commented. Devon also shared that repeat visitors to Nanny Cay often come up to him and say they remember him.

“That’s a good feeling mon, a real good feeling,” he said as he kept a watchful eye on customers in the restaurant, eager to get back to doing what he does best – providing excellent customer service.

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