Natalie Morton, better known as “Miss Edith”, has served an impressive 22 years as a housekeeper at Nanny Cay’s hotel. Having survived a number of acquisitions, managerial changes and guests, it’s safe to say that she is an integral part of the Nanny Cay community.

A native of St. Kitts and Nevis, ‘Miss Edith’ came to Tortola in 1978 and began working at Nanny Cay in 1991. Her role as a housekeeper requires her to remain active since she is constantly on her feet cleaning rooms and doing the occasional load of laundry.

Despite being the oldest housekeeper employed by the hotel, she works just as hard as anyone else and manages to work up to eight rooms per day. ‘Miss Edith’s’ hard work and dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed and she is often referred to as a guest favourite.

“The guests are friendly, they always like me and give me money. I pick them flowers to put in their rooms and I even have guests who call me to say when they’re coming,” ‘Miss Edith’ said.

‘Miss Edith’ has four children and six grandchildren, none of whom reside in the BVI, and this is perhaps one of the reasons she has such a close relationship with her coworkers.

“I like working here with the girls” she says. “Me and everybody get along and if we have a little thing we don’t let it go on without saying ‘hi’ or hugging each other.”

However, one of her daughters lives on St. Thomas, which is where she will go when she retires at the end of this year.  ‘Miss Edith’s’ upcoming retirement may come as a bit of a shock to some, since “the girls think she’s much younger”, but the job has become a bit more taxing for her now.

The family-like environment is what she say’s she’ll miss the most about working at Nanny Cay, but she promises to visit as much as possible. All of us at Nanny Cay wish her the best and thank her for her years of service.

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