Samuel “Sammy” GreenThe presence of happy, smiling faces is not unfamiliar to anyone who has visited Nanny Cay and if you’ve ever taken a walk on the dock, or just hung out in the area of the marina office, you’ll know that one of these smiling faces shines just a little bit brighter than the others.

Often referred to as “The Happiest Man at Nanny Cay” 49-year-old Samuel “Sammy” Green can be spotted around Nanny Cay singing songs in Spanish and enthusiastically greeting everyone he meets as he happily works at his job as a maintenance-landscaping artist.

A native of the Dominican Republic, and father of two young men ages 20 and 24, Sammy relocated to the BVI in 1986 and has worked at Nanny Cay for the past 12 years.

Sammy’s work generally consists of maintaining the Nanny Cay landscape by watering plants and sweeping the grounds. Considering that he’s always seen with a smile on his face, it’s easy to assume that Sammy enjoys his work.

When asked what he likes about his job Sammy replied: “My favourite thing about working [at] Nanny Cay is that I meet different people and not the same people everyday. I get to work and I like it.  I feel happy with that.”

Sammy’s love for his job may seem a bit odd to some people but to those who know the story behind how much Nanny Cay has helped him it makes perfect sense.

In 2011, under the encouragement of general manager, Miles, Sammy completed a six-month stint at a rehabilitation clinic in the Dominican Republic to help him beat addiction.

I used to be into drugs hardcore and Nanny Cay helped send me to rehabilitation house,” said Sammy. “Drugs is no joke you know. Maybe that’s why I’m so happy, cause I‘m out of that.”

Sammy is very grateful to Nanny Cay for sending him to the rehabilitation clinic and he credits it to his cheerful disposition.

“When I come out I was a better man, a different man. I have a better life and I am extra happy,” says Sammy. “I got a lot of respect for Nanny Cay, a lot. I love Nanny Cay. This is my everything.”

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