Nanny Cay is strongly recommending that all monohull boats remove their masts for the summer storage period but it is NOT a requirement.

We are separating monohulls stored without masts from those with masts.  We believe boats stored without masts in their own area will fair better, and suffer less ‘third party damage’ if we have future storm events.

Monohulls with masts up are being stored in our newer east yard, better known as the peninsula.

Monohulls without masts are being stored in the south or hotel yard. Catamarans are being stored as normal in the north yard however we are considering storing some in the south or hotel yard depending on demand.  Mast storage racks are being set up in the east yard.

All boats are required to have sand screws and straps securing them and we are greatly increasing the number of straps per boat.

If you have questions email our Boatyard team at

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