The last leg of the last race decides the 2007 Nanny Cay Nations Cup

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It’s hard to imagine how it could have been
closer. The 20th and final race of the weekend saw Team BVI
two points behind Team ‘Holmberg BEYC’. The BVI team needed to finish
the final race with two boats between them for a tie or three for a
win. This was not very likely with the super consistent Holmbergs
scoring nothing worse than a third so far…

what it boils down to is this. If the BVI win the final race Holmberg
has to come 5th  (and last!) for the BVI to win. If the BVI place 2nd
and the Holmbergs last it will be all tied up.

Race 19 saw the Holmbergs looking shaky for the first time. They
rounded the first windward gate last and only managed to get past
Annapolis and the Dutch to place thrid. Meanwhile the BVI could not get
past the Canadians who won the race.

Conditions could not be more perfect. There’s a little more wind
than Saturday but very little wave action. The mark boat has not had to
adjust the course at all all day, the sun is out, the course is set
right off the beach. 6 teams are ashore watching the final race unfold,
no one really thinks the BVI have a chance. The Dutch have already
missed out on catching Andrew Water’s ‘Blighty’s’ with their 4th in
race 19, the Canadians, even with another bullet cannot poach third
place either. All eyes are on young Alec Anderson helming for the BVI.

The start goes very badly for the Holmbergs. They end up taking transoms and tack out into the channel.

The Canadians are on fire and they round first with the BVI in hot
pursuit. Incredibly the Holmbergs round the windward gate in last place
by several boat lengths. It’s a two round race but the Hombergs cannot
close up on the run, rounding the leeward gate still firmly in last
place. The final run sees the BVI desperately chasing the Canadians.
The Holmbergs are rooted in last place, USA Dotty Holoubek sailing
‘Black Pearl’ and the Dutch in ‘MIO’ do not lose any ground to the

The Canadians defend their lead and take the race, the BVI score 2
and the Holmbergs score 5. Back on shore the points are double checked,
the two teams are locked together on 18 points. In the event of a tie
it’s the number of bullets that decides the outcome. After sailing 10
races over the weekend the BVI has 5 bullets but the Hombergs have 6.
Team Holmberg representing the Bitter End Yacht Club and the USVI take
the 2007 NCNC.

It’s been a great weekend and the lower than expected turnout did
not dampen the event at all. The Holmbergs, namely; John, wife Dianne,
son Kai (age 8), brother Peter and his wife Denise gracefully accepted
the fine half hull trophy and the perpetual award. Congratulations to
them, it was a pleasure to have them racing here together and it has to
be said, they are true ambassadors to the sport of sailing.

Full results;

BEYC Holmberg 18, BVI ‘bMobile’ 18, UK ‘Blighty’s’ (Andrew Waters)
24, HIHO (Andy Morrell) 25, Canuks (Chris Watters) 26, Holland (Fritz
Bus) 28, STM ‘Scuba shop’ (Simon Manly) 38, ‘Crabtown Sailors’ USA
(Dotty Holoubek) 42, ‘Team Tatters’ UK (Robin Tattersal) 46, ‘Home
Nations’ UK (Steve Roose) 47, ‘English Roses’ UK (Simon Wood) 48.

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