May 2018

Marine Contractors and Boatyard Tenants must adhere to the following:


a. Work on hulls and engines only in designated areas ie. Work Yards not storage yards. Any work to be performed on boats berthed within Nanny Cay Marina docks shall comply with marina regulations and contractors will inform marina staff in advance.

b. Use tarps and vacuums to collect solid wastes produced by repair and cleaning operations- especially boat bottom cleaning, sanding, stripping, scraping, and painting.

c. Any person undertaking SANDING, SCRAPING, CUTTING, GRINDING, SAWING, FIBERGLASSING, or other activities, whether involving gelcoat, bottom paint, topside paint, fiberglass, aluminum, steel, wood, etc., must use dustless equipment and adequately tent or enclose the work area to ensure no particles are emitted outside of the work area. Contractors will be financially liable for cleaning of neighboring boats in cases where particle debris is transferred.

i. Contractors are required to at all times maintain dustless equipment by servicing filters when required. Contractors will ensure dustless equipment is functioning correctly at all times.

d. CLEAN-UP: ALL BOAT MAINTENANCE WORK AND OPERATION AREAS, WHETHER INSIDE OR OUTSIDE, ARE TO BE CLEANED BY THE END OF EACH WORKDAY (NO EXCEPTIONS) FROM ALL DEBRIS FROM OPERATIONS, WITH DEBRIS PLACED IN PLASTIC BAGS or otherwise properly disposed of. This includes tape, loose plastic, masking paper, painting materials and ALL items susceptible to wind.

e. Spray painting must be performed using HVLP equipment and contractors are responsible for containment of ALL overspray. Contractors will be financially liable for any incidences of overspray.


i.First Observance- $500 fine
ii.Second Observance- $750 fine
iii.Third Observance- Termination of Inside Contractor Status and Lease if Applicable


A. GATES will be controlled by Nanny Cay Security. Any vehicle access will be subject to security’s availability.

B. VEHICLES shall only enter the work and storage yards to load and unload materials and tools. Contractors who perform mobile marine repair services may be seek exemptions on a case by case basis at the discretion of boatyard management. Any vehicles present in the work or storage yards will ALWAYS AND AT ALL TIMES be left with keys inside and parked out of the way. Owners accept any and all risks to their vehicles that may occur as a result of being in the boatyard. NO VEHICLE PARKING IN WORK AND STORAGE YARDS.


A. All contractor equipment to include scaffolding, walk boards, tools, compressors and other portable items shall be clearly labeled with contractor’s name and easily identifiable.

B. Large customer or contractor owned parts or equipment shall be clearly labeled with boat and/or owner’s name. This includes masts, booms, trailers, outboard motors, dinghies, rigging parts etc. All large items require storage agreements if they are stored outside of contractor’s leased shop space. Any items without clear labels and storage agreements in place are liable to be disposed of. Boatyard management will not be liable for items which are not clearly labeled or do not have storage agreements in place.

C. Contractors shall not use boatyard equipment to include blocks, stands, jack stand heads etc for the purposes of conducting yacht repairs. This shall include using stands or blocks to secure tarps or to construct scaffolding or to assist with the completion of any repair work. Boatyard staff shall not be liable for damage to customer work projects where boatyard equipment has been utilized. Boatyard staff may at any time remove or repurpose any boatyard equipment such as stands and blocks. Contractors are encouraged to source and supply all equipment and tools required to complete their work.

D. Contractors shall under no circumstances move ANY jackstands or vessel blocking materials. Requested movement of blocks or stands shall be submitted to boatyard management ideally with one day advance notice.


A. Contractors who lease space for the purposes of workshops, offices, or storage shall at all times ensure their property is securely stored within the boundaries of the space they have leased. Should additional space be required to accommodate customer projects, parts, or equipment contractors shall observe and follow (TOOLS SCAFFOLDING CUSTOMER PARTS MATERIALS section B above)

B. Contractors shall at all times maintain a professional workspace and dispose of litter and discarded materials in a timely fashion. Contractors shall not store ANY loose items outside of their shop space between July 1 and November 30. In the event of tropical weather any loose items are liable to be disposed on by boatyard staff.


A. All hauling, launching and movement of boats within Nanny Cay shall be performed exclusively by Nanny Cay Boatyard Staff. Contractors and tenants shall not operate boatyard equipment at any time.

B. Any lifts or movements of dinghies, boats, engines, generators, batteries or items requiring the use of boatyard equipment such as JCB or Forklift will incur charges and must be scheduled through the boatyard office in advance.

C. Contractors are obligated to collect any payments due for work performed directly from their customers. Nanny Cay Boatyard will not delay or otherwise hold up the launching of any vessel which has outstanding debts with contractors. Contractors who wish to hold a vessel for nonpayment will be required to initiate vessel seizure or arrest themselves following applicable BVI law and should notify the boatyard.


A. Contractors shall regularly notify Nanny Cay Boatyard office staff of boats which they are engaged in work on. This reporting should be at least once per week, however contractors work loads may dictate more frequent reporting.

B. Outside Contractors who intend to perform work on boats within Nanny Cay Boatyard are required to present copies of their Trade License and Proof of Insurance to Nanny Cay Boatyard office PRIOR to engaging in any work. Failure to provide these documents will result in a ban from the property and removal by security if necessary.

a. Outside contractors who have supplied Trade License copies and Insurance Documents will be issued an Outside Contractor Pass. This pass should be presented to security when requested and when entering the property.

b. Work in Nanny Cay Boatyard should not be conducted at night without prior notice and approval of Boatyard Management. No power tool operation or excessively noisy work should be conducted between the hours of 9pm and 6am.