Nanny Cay Boatyard is a renowned maritime facility located in the British Virgin Islands, known for its state of the art infrastructure and exceptional services catering to boat owners and enthusiast to keep their vessel in ship-shape condition.

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Storage Solutions

Nanny Cay Boatyard, is renowned for its expansive storage facilities, capable of accommodating approximately 320 boats of various sizes.


Nanny Cay's new no mast storage area provides a specialized and secure location for boat storage, making it a preferred choice for boat owners who seek comprehensive care for their vessels. 

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Quality Commitment

The dedicated and experienced staff at Nanny Cay Boat Yard are skilled professionals who provide exceptional service and expertise in boat maintenance, repairs, and refits, ensuring that every vessel entrusted to their care receives the highest level of attention and care.

We are on hand at all times to offer any friendly advice or guidance that you may require.

No job is too small or too big for our staff and the associated businesses that operate here at Nanny Cay. Our goal and commitment to you is that as you head out of Nanny Cay’s breakwater and set a course into the wild blue yonder, you leave knowing that whatever work you had done here was completed to the highest standard and with the utmost care and attention.

Haul & Launch

Nanny Cay operates two Travelifts: one is a 50-tonne Travelift capable of lifting monohulls up to 68 feet long, 10 feet draft and weighing up to 50 tons; the second is a wide-body 70-tonne Travelift capable of lifting and moving catamarans up to 32′ beam and 70 tons in weight. The boatyard also has two hydraulic trailers.

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Boat Yard Policies

Here is a list of the policies Nanny Cay boatyard requires our Marine Contractors and Boatyard Tenants to adhere to.

All Boatyard Services

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Our on site chandlery offers a wide range of nautical necessities, making it a convenient hub for boat owners and crew seeking quality marine equipment and supplies without leaving the yard.

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Two expert shipwright shops provide the finest marine craftsmanship and woodworking facilities.

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Specialists are available to assist with any rigging problems you may have whether it is the removal of a mast for storage, the repair of a roller furling system or a complete rig replacement.

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Experts in all aspects of marine electronics are available on site to be called upon to work on any of your yacht’s electrical systems; from installing a VHF radio or fixing an instrument, to a complete rewiring of the entire vessel.

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Marine Engineering

The boatyard offers an extensive list of services including fully stocked machine shops, metal fabrication and welding shops with specialists in diesel and petrol engine repairs and marine refrigeration systems.

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Our painting facilities are some of the finest in the islands with experts in Awlgrip Marine Coatings along with other specialist systems providing the finest finish to your vessel whether it be above or below the waterline.

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We have an accredited marine surveyor on-site.

Opening Hours & Contact

Monday - Friday

7:00AM - 4:00PM

1 (284) 394 2512 Option 2

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