A ceremony held at the entrance to the new outer marina last night (Monday, December 12), heralded its opening at Nanny Cay.

With speeches by Premier and Minister of Finance, Dr. the Honourable D. Orlando Smith, OBE, the Honourable Julian Fraser, and Miles Sutherland Pilch, general manager of Nanny Cay, the ceremony also included sailing demonstrations by the Royal BVI Yacht Club’s Youth Sailing programme and a kitesurfing flypast.

In his comments the Honourable Premier stated: “We are here today to witness a new chapter in the of marine industry in the Virgin Islands. For me it was good news because it meant that as a sailing capital of the world we are adding another incentive to our product offerings to make the VI more competitive. I commend the owners of Nanny Cay marina and boatyard for pioneering this significant project.

“This is the type of progress my government is committed to supporting and promoting in order to strengthen the marine industry of the British Virgin Islands.

“We always have to stay ahead of the curve by diversifying our offerings to attract more and a different type of tourist. As of September 2015 we are tiered under Category 1 status and now accommodate yachts and ships of unlimited gross tonnage.

“We see Nanny Cay Marina as an added value to what’s happening in this industry. I congratulate the Nanny Cay family on this expansion initiative and I congratulate you look forward to many more successes.”

Currently, 42 slips are operational along the mangrove-lined shore, with the last 78 slips expected to be in place by August 2017.

When completed the outer marina will have 120 slips suitable for yachts from 30′ to 75′ with T-heads and a bulkhead capable of berthing megayachts to 150 feet in length. Up to 10 megayachts over 100 feet can now dock at Nanny Cay.

The first half of the outer marina has a controlling depth of 14 feet, the second half, 10 feet. It will almost double Nanny Cay’s total dock facilities to 300 slips split between the inner and outer marina.

The 6.5-acre Outer Marina peninsula will have 8 new condo blocks each with three 4-bed and four 3-bed condo units.  Construction of the condos is expected to start in the Spring of 2017.

In addition to the marina facilities and condos, the expansion will include: new and enhanced walk ways and recreational areas; a new restaurant, wellness center, gym, and social areas; an improved youth sailing center and facilities; improved resort areas and event facilities; new commercial retail and service space.

This expansion is a continuation of the investment and improvements the owners have made to the facilities and infrastructure of the marina and boatyard over the last 15 years. These include high-speed fuel dock; new docks; 120/220V electricity on all docks with 100% site-wide backup power; luxury shower facilities and restrooms; water from Nanny Cay’s own R/O plant; the BVI’s only pump out station; waste oil storage unit with 64 square foot containers and emergency trap; an Encyclon waste water treatment system for the haulout area.

Leader of the opposition and representative for the third district, the Honorable Julian Fraser said: “As significant as it is it is just an expansion to a constant building of the brand over 16 years by a man I have come to regard a visionary, Mr Cameron McColl.

“What this territory needs in developers is respect. Respect for the environment, respect for our laws, and respect for the people.

“As representative for this district for as long as Mr McColl has been here, I can safely and truthfully say that he has never failed to inform me, whether personally or through his manager, of every development plan for the future of Nanny Cay.

“It is not just the outer marina that benefits, it is also the beach first of all, and the whole of Sea Cow’s Bay as well that benefits from this very significant development.

“Cooperation being the process of working together towards the same end means that I cannot be simple a bystander, I have a role to play in the development  of my district and that includes making it attractive to investors.”

The marina has been running at full capacity for the last five years and in anticipation of this, the owners of Nanny Cay commenced a plan to expand the marina and resort in 2009. The Master Plan was approved by Town & Country Planning in May 2014.

Since construction started in July 2015, 100,000 tons of rock has been placed and 160,000 cubic yards of dredged material has been moved, to create the peninsula.

The 6.5-acre Outer Marina peninsula is 190-240 feet wide at sea level (and 230-280 feet wide on the seabed). A 7-feet thick revetment comprised of large diameter armor rock on a 2:1 slope forms the southern, seaside, of the peninsula. This revetment rises 6-feet above sea level.

Development approval included the implementation of a independently monitored Environmental Management & Monitoring Plan. This included the relocation and monitoring of 505 corals and considerable sediment control throughout the project.

Approximately 90% of the construction costs to date has been spent with local suppliers and contractors. The docks were supplied by the UK’s Walcon and sheet piles were supplied by CMI out of the USA. The Outer Marina and related amenities will create 100 new jobs in the BVI.

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