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George Parry and Will McCreadie, Get Exploring Trust

Golden Arc Expedition Stops At Nanny Cay

Hitting the beach at Nanny Cay marked the 695th mile of paddling for Durham University students George Parry and Will McMcCreadie.  In a mission to raise funds and awareness for their Get Exploring Trust (GET), they are paddling 2,000 miles, completely unsupported, from Grenada to Miami on the Golden Arc Expedition.

Hitting Nanny Cay beach marked the 695th mile of paddling for @GetExploringT on 2,000 mile Golden Arc Expedition. Click To Tweet

GET is a grant making trust that aims to inspire people from all backgrounds to get into the outdoors, to test themselves in different environments, and to push their limits. The Trust offers small to medium size grants to individuals who need financial support in order to achieve this aim.

As young people are put under ever greater academic pressure and face growing social and psychological pressures through the emergence of social media and gaming mediums it has been the traditional reliefs that have been thrust aside. At times when it may be most needed, adventurous training seems to be dropping further and further down the list of priorities. We want to inspire people to take that next step, to try something new or challenging, and enhance their expectations of what they can achieve.

When we have young people wanting to get exploring, we offer grants to help them achieve this. In many cases we may not be able to cover all the costs, however often just a small level of financial support can make a financially non-viable trip possible.

 Examples may include: a pair of hill walking boots; the cost of participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Award; the deposit on an adventurous training course; the transport costs to attend a mountain skills, first aid, navigation etc. training course; the upfront costs of a fundraising event; an expedition such as those led by British Exploring, World Expeditions, World Challenge, etc. 

The 24 hour paddle from St Maarten to Virgin Gorda, has proved the most challenging leg to date.  The lads are estimating that it will take 36 hours to get from the the Dominican Republic to Turks & Caicos.

In a mission to raise funds and awareness for their Get Exploring Trust (GET), two young Englishmen are paddling completely unsupported 2,000 miles from Grenada to Miami on the Golden Arc Expedition.


Their goal is to raise GBP 25,000, so far they have raised GBP 8,325.

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