The damage caused to the inner marina by Hurricane Irma on September 6th, has resulted in the need to completely replace the docks. This damage reduced our overall dockage capacity by 75%.

The current goal is to have the inner marina fully operational by November, with phased roll out of docks and services between now and then.

Sixty new docks in the outer marina are close to completion. We are finalizing the addition of water and electricity to these docks. Once completed we will have 100 docks in the outer marina with 60 available for short and long term dockage and 40 occupied by MarineMax.

In the inner marina, we have been working seven days a week to clear the damaged yachts, docks, and debris, above and below the water. This has included removing all the old steel and concrete pilings that held the docks, and thousands of tons of wreckage using a combination of salvage boats, dive teams, and our own maintenance crew.

We have restored our fuel docks and are serving fuel, water and ice. We have also managed to salvage additional docks to rebuild ‘B’ dock, which will become ‘C’ dock as we recategorize the docks into a more logical convention between the inner and outer marinas.

A to K docks will be in the inner marina starting from the entrance, L to R docks will be in the outer marina starting from the entrance.

The new ‘C’ dock, affectionately known as Zombie Dock because it came back from the dead, is currently home to Vacancies Sous Voiles, the dinghy dock and can accommodate 10 additional boats.

‘A’ dock (fuel dock) is still predominantly used for fueling and water, but has limited capacity for overnight stays.

Now that the waters along the bulkhead in front of the hotel are clear, we have temporary ‘Med Mooring’ along this bulkhead accommodating up to 10 boats.

All of these docks will have limited access to electricity and water until they are replaced by the new docks

New docks for the inner marina have been ordered and will be added in three phases as they are manufactured and shipped by Walcon. There will be a steady stream of arrivals over the coming months with the first batch for the inner marina expected to arrive at the end of April.

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