Modern Naturally Sheltered Marina

A modern and naturally sheltered marina with berths for 320 yachts with two fuel docks; pump out station; 120/220V electricity; luxury shower facilities and restrooms; water and ice from Nanny Cay’s own R/O plant; garbage disposal; 100% site-wide backup power.

Marina Reservation

Reservations can be made with the Marina office, subject to availability, by VHF Channel 16, phone, fax, email and regular mail.

(284) 394 2512


New Protocols effective June 15, 2022


Beginning on Wednesday the 15th of June 2022, persons traveling to the BVI, regardless of vaccination status, will no longer need to register for entry clearance on the BVI Gateway Travel Portal, and will not be required to show proof of travel insurance.

Day-trippers – meaning travellers who had been away from the Territory for less than 24 hours, or persons remaining in the Territory for less than 24 hours – will no longer need to present a COVID-19 test result upon arrival.

All other travellers over the age of 5, regardless of vaccination status, will have the following entry requirements: 

• Present a negative rapid antigen test, or rt-PCR test, taken up to 48 hours before entry. 

• Alternatively, a person may present a document issued by a licensed medical professional certifying COVID-19 recovery within 90 days prior to arrival, in place of a negative test.

• If unable to present a test result, or a Recovery certificate, the person will be tested upon arrival in the Territory.

• A person who tests positive on arrival will be required to adhere to Ministry of Health protocols and instructions for COVID-19 positive persons.

It is important to bear in mind that all travellers entering the Territory will continue to be subject to COVID-19 screening, and anyone exhibiting signs of illness may be tested at the port of entry.

The wearing of face masks or face coverings, whether indoors or outdoors, will no longer be mandated by law, but will be allowed as a matter of choice in public spaces.  Even as this mask mandate is being lifted, any private establishment or service provider may institute its own policy on mask wearing.


Returning to the USA

Effective June 12th 2022: All travelers, regardless of citizenship or vaccination status, no longer need to complete a portal or show a negative COVID test to come into the U.S.



We are verifying the new protocols for vessels, the information below is probably out of date now!

Effective April 22, 2022 fully vaccinated crewmembers do not need to complete the BVI Gateway Portal.  However, all boats must register and submit arrival notification with www.sailclear.com

The protocols for any crewmember who has received the second COVID-19 vaccine no less than two (2) weeks before entry to the Virgin Islands, are as follow:

1) It would be a preference from the health authorities here,  for you to arrive into the BVI within 48 hours of  getting a negative test from your departure country. You would then NOT need to do an antigen test on arrival into the BVI thus making your clearance process quicker. 

If you fall outside of this window, each crew member must pre-register for a rapid antigen test (cost $50) at intended arrival point on the following links:

West End Ferry Terminal – https://westend.bvi.care/

Road Town Ferry Terminal – https://rtferry.bvi.care/

Jost Van Dyke - https://jvdclinic.bvi.care/

These are the only three official ports of entry.

2) Every Vessel needs to sign up with www.sailclear.com 

All crew onboard must upload the following to the website:

  1. Vaccination cards
  2. Negative Covid test result certificate from their departure country.
  3. Medical insurance (visitors only) which includes minimum approved coverage for: COVID-19 medical costs including hospitalisation; doctor’s visit and prescriptions medical repatriation; quarantine accommodation costs.  Click here for insurance options.

3) These are now 3 ports of entry with Jost Van Dyke only doing Fully Vaccinated arrivals on Tuesday, Friday, Sunday 0830 - 1630.
You can check out of Jost on any day of the week.

Spanish town, You can still ONLY check out there, No Arrivals.

4) On arrival at port of entry have copies of, and be prepared to present:

a) Standard BVI Customs and Immigration entrance papers (Can be obtained on arrival)
b) Boat registration
c) Maritime Declaration of Health (download)
d) If your vessel is being stored in a boatyard for hurricane season, a letter or contract from the provider will be helpful.

The best place to anchor or pick up a ball in Road Town, vessel size depending, is in front of the main ferry terminal. Please call "Road Town port control " on the VHF, channel 16 and they can guide you if you are willing to dock up on their jetty with your main vessel, otherwise dinghy into where the port control tells you to go. You might want to consider arriving here BEFORE 1500 because at this time, for the rest of the day, commercial ferries arrive and the officials give them preference for clearance. The authorities do remain there though and will see you up until around 6 pm.
For West End, the same as above applies in Soper's Hole. Please call "West End Port control" on the VHF channel 16 and be guided by them if you wish to go onto the main dock. It has really big tractor and truck tires so is tricky docking situation. Dinghy in, might be your preference here.  West End authorities close there at 1630.
Jost Van Dyke only doing Fully Vaccinated arrivals on Tuesday, Friday, Sunday 0830 - 1630.  You can check out of Jost on any day of the week.

5) On arrival each vaccinated crewmember must go ashore:

a) Present the medical certificate showing a negative Covid test.  The test does NOT have to be valid within the 5 day timeline as specified previously. 

b) Provide proof of vaccination (card or otherwise).

c) Boat registration

d) Provide medical  insurance (visitors only).

e) Take an antigen rapid test. If the test results are negative, you will be free to enjoy the Virgin Islands.

Partially vaccinated, unvaccinated, unaccompanied minors who are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated, any other person not covered by the fully vaccinated portal exemption entry protocols must still register on the BVI Gateway Portal

Minors over 5 years old are required to take the antigen rapid test on arrival.

Please note the two entrances to Nanny Cay, and the yellow hazard buoys we are using to mark reef between the two channels, and give some visual separation between the two channels.

Please call the Marina Dockmaster on VHF 16/68 just prior to your arrival so we can have staff ready to take your lines and assist with your arrival. The marina office is open from 8am to 6.30pm, 365 days a year.

Nanny Cay Inner Marina & Channels high res

Outer Marina & Inner Marina

Nanny Cay has berths for 320 yachts, 120 in the Outer Marina, and 200 in the Inner Marina. We can accommodate up to eight megayachts: four 140-foot and two 120-foot megayachts in the inner marina; and two up to 100-feet in the outer marina.

Fuel is available in both marinas, water and ice is served in the inner marina.

Useful Information

Pets & Animals

All animals entering the territory must be declared at customs. All pets must have current health certificates and vaccinations, especially with respect to rabies. Contact the Chief Agricultural Officer (284-494-3701 ext 6123) for details of clearance regulations before entering BVI waters with a pet. For further advice, contact the BVI Humane Society at 284-494-2284.

Dock Trolleys

These are available from the marina office. There is no charge for the use of dock trolleys. Trolleys which are not returned will be billed in full to the boat to which they are registered.

Showers and Restrooms

One block is near the boatyard for those of you up to your arms in engine oil! Our main shower area and restrooms are located behind the Hotel foyer.  Restrooms are also located near the Beach Bar and Genaker Cafe.

Marina Rules and Regulations

A full set of marina rules and regulations is contained in the Berthing Agreement or can be downloaded here. The following is a summary of some specific rules:

  • The speed limit in the marina is five knots. This applies to all vessels including dinghies.
  • No use of heads is allowed in the marina.
  • Halyards should be tied off to prevent slapping at night.
  • No swimming is allowed in the marina.
  • Generators should not be run in the marina after 7pm.
  • Barbeques are not permitted to be used onboard yachts or in the dock area.

Marina News

Autumn Update

November 19, 2018

Autumn updates on progress and improvements at Nanny Cay including marina, boatyard, hotel, eating and drinking, and general infrastructure.

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Property Update; Summer Restoration and Improvements

May 8, 2018

Inner marina to be fully operational by December; Major infrastructural improvements coming this year including increased water production and storage; Boatyard getting new 60-tonne trailer; Owners committed to improving and hardening Nanny Cay to maintain its status as the Caribbean’s premier resort marina and boatyard.

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Marina Update – Phased Roll Out Of New Docks

March 21, 2018

The damage caused to the inner marina by Hurricane Irma on September 6th, has resulted in the need to completely replace the docks. This damage reduced our overall dockage capacity by 75%.

The current goal is to have the inner marina fully operational by November, with phased roll out of docks and services between now and then.

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Outer Marina Piling Complete

February 20, 2018

Piling for the new slips in the outer marina has been completed. Work continues on adding the pile caps and cabling and pedestals for shore power.

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SailClear countries

BVI Now Using SailClear As Pre-Arrival Portal

October 16, 2021

For vaccinated crews, the BVI Customs Department is now using www.sailclear.com as its pre-arrival registration portal. Captains planning to visit the British Virgin Islands should register at the site and complete the required arrival notification. In addition to boat and crew details, vaccination cards, negative Covid test result certificates, and medical insurance will need to be uploaded. Everyone onboard over 5 years old is required to take the antigen rapid test on arrival.

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The new 50-tonne Travelift

Dry Sail Programme For 2021/2022 Winter Season

August 30, 2021

Nanny Cay has introduced a cost-saving Dry sail Programme for the Winter 2021/2022 season November 1, 2021 to May 31, 2022. For a minimum stay of five months, storage in the boatyard includes five free haul and launches and discounted marina rates once afloat. Boatyard storage for a 49-foot yacht including five haul and launches…

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