Nanny Cay’s maintenance crew has been in full swing cleaning up after the passing of Hurricane Earl yesterday.  Like much of the BVI, trees, branches and a lot of leaves were lost.  But that was it.  All the yachts in the boatyard are still standing and all the yachts on docks the afloat; some have a little “scuff” damage.  Everything stood up well.  Even Peg Legs at the mouth of the marina only suffered two broken fans and a broken cupboard door; re-opening is still on schedule.

Photos below show the poor trees and the docks which will stay looking like this until the passing of Tropical Storm Fiona on Wednesday/Thursday.  With the exception of keeping a weather eye out for Earl – which is looking fairly benign at this stage – it’s back to usual for Nanny Cay.


Photos during the hurricane courtesy of Neville Sorentino of International Motors.

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