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Photos: Nanny Cay at height of Earl

The calmer shots were taken between 2 and 4pm when we had bands of pressure from the W and NW, and the really impressive ones were taken between 6 and 7 pm after the sustained SW hit the BVI.

Photos by Adrian Sinton, Nanny Cay’s IT Manager.

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Nanny Cay cleaning up and back in operation

Nanny Cay’s maintenance crew has been in full swing cleaning up after the passing of Hurricane Earl yesterday.  Like much of the BVI, trees, branches and a lot of leaves were lost.  But that was it.  All the yachts in the boatyard are still standing and all the yachts on docks the afloat; some have a little “scuff” damage.  Everything stood up well.  Even Peg Legs at the mouth of the marina only suffered two broken fans and a broken cupboard door; re-opening is still on schedule.

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Hurricane Earl has passed; minimal damage at Nanny Cay

The calm before the storm. Click to enlarge.After the passage of Hurricane Earl, all yachts are still standing in the boatyard, and all yachts are afloat in the marina.  Some of the docks are damaged and Nanny Cay, like the rest of Tortola, has lost a lot of foliage.

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TD Ana: wind and rain

Nanny Cay’s seawalls this morning – click to enlarge BVI residents had an early morning alarm call this morning as the effects of Tropical Depression Ana started to be felt at 5am this morning. Wind and rain have been beating the shores for the last four hours. At 5am Tropical Depression Ana was located near…

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