With the use of a truck crane, backhoe, a generator wrangler, and some engineers (see the pictures below), we have just doubled our backup power with the installation of a second 750 KVA generator.

With current loads, this addition gives us one redundant generator enabling us to use them on an alternating basis.

As our power needs increase when the new outer marina comes online in mid-2016, the generators will run in tandem, balancing the loads if necessary. However, we will able to provide more than enough power for both marinas when full.

As the outer marina peninsula condos start getting completed, and occupied, in 2017/2018, our power needs will exceed capacity again. At that point, we will retire our older generator and replace it with a bigger one.

Generator wrangling

Generator wrangling


About to join the first generator


“Belts and braces” courtesy of the backhoe