The eye of Hurricane Maria passed 55 miles to the south of Tortola, as a category 4 or 5 hurricane, in the early hours of Wednesday and we suffered minimal damage in comparison to Irma. However, we did suffer some additional damage to property and boats. We experienced hurricane force winds (full strength still to be determined), and a large surge from the south. Maria took a very long time to pass. Had Maria been the first hurricane to visit the BVI this year, damage would have been far greater than we saw – it’s hard to spot the additional damage!

The peninsula for the outer marina once again did a sterling job keeping the worst of the surge from the heart of Nanny Cay.
Maria’s approach set back our rebuild as we went into full hurricane-prep mode, but it did accelerate the removal of debris from the property.
It has been a very long September so far. We understand that many owners have questions about their boats; please contact your insurance company to ensure a surveyor is appointed. We cannot start moving boats until they have been inspected and signed off – and we can only work our way in from the outside in the boatyard. There are a lot of surveyors here now, but some did leave temporarily to avoid Maria.
We are still working to stabilize our infrastructure, creating new office space, fixing roofs, getting our IT (including Internet access) fully operational, etc. Once we have these items in place, our boatyard, marina, and hotel staff can start to address individual questions and concerns. In the meantime, we appreciate your continued patience!
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