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With 40 Commando HQ, and 60 Royal Marines at Nanny Cay, we have been able to better establish the role of the Royal Marines in the aid efforts in the BVI.

Their primary role is to provide security, to stabilize the BVI, protect the population, enable recovery, and support the provision of aid from the Department for International Development (DFID) and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO).

200 Royal Marines, including 20 Commando Engineers from 24 Commando Engineer Regiment, are currently in the BVI. HMS Ocean is en route, due to arrive September 21/22, with vehicles, equipment and aid.

Yesterday, 40 Commando’s Alpha Company was integral in the round up and capture of over 100 escaped prisoners who are now back in Balsams Ghut Prison. The Royal Marines are now providing outer perimeter security, while prison officers, including 10 extra officers from the UK, are inside the prison.

40 Commando is operating roving patrols throughout Tortola, and outlying islands. They are operating covert Observation Posts at night, ashore and afloat, to monitor any potential suspicious activity.

Troops are providing security at the Beef Island airport buildings, while Commando Engineers fix the runway perimeter fencing.

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