On Saturday, we held a Puerto Rican Navy Appreciation Party on the beach here at Nanny Cay. A small way for us to say thank you to our Puerto Rican friends that helped so much after the passing of Irma.

After Irma the Puerto Rican Navy filled numerous boats (on one trip alone there were around 50 vessels) with aid and supplies for the people of the BVI. It took them a lot of effort to get the correct permissions and entry permits to be allowed to do this but they persevered and at considerable personal cost, they came across with food, clothing, medication (we know they brought over $1000 of crucial meds for one person here), hygiene products, water, baby supplies, tarpaulins and more.

They did this even with the threat of Maria bearing down on them three days later.

Natalie Rossy sent us her account:

“It all started because a great friend of mine from Florida called me that she had her family stuck at St Thomas after Irma, with no food, no water, nothing, asking for help. The ocean was horrible, Coast Guard didn’t want anyone to get out from marinas here in PR. Anyway, I called a friend who had a 17-foot boat and with the bad weather we still went to rescue those 9 persons that didn’t even have anywhere to sleep or anything to eat. In that little boat we returned 16 persons in total including a 2-month old baby!

“I was shocked to see how bad was the situation so I started calling all my friends that had boats and I already had trips planned for next week!

“In PR I have a trucking company name Logistics Transport Corp which I have many trucks and containers so I spread the word for help so people could get to my yard were I had the containers to star filling containers to take to the marina. Every time we had a 48 container full we made a trip to a different island always bringing people back to San Juan.

“When they got back to San Juan I had a catering with food and beverage for them and also provided free transportation to hotels and/or airport. It was the most amazing experience we all could ever had! Helping people in need fulfill our heart in an incredible way!

“Remember All of you from the BVI have a friend here and a whole big group of persons that will always be willing to help in any emergency!

“May God Bless the BVI!”