Record-breaking Round The World Yachtsman, Jon Sanders, Stops At Nanny Cay

Australian yachting legend Jon Sanders and his faithful SV Perie Banou II, stopped off at Nanny Cay for a few nights on his record-breaking 10th voyage around planet earth.

Jon, now 78 years old, is taking one last circumnavigation of the world. Jon stopped at Reunion Island, Cape Town, and St Helena Island, before making his port of call here in the BVI. He is now heading towards Panama.

In his blog where he referred to Nanny Cay’s general manager, Miles Sutherland Pilch, as “Nature’s perfect gentleman”, he said: “Off and on over 27 years, I have been putting into that Marina (a long, long way from my Western Australian home). It improves more and more.”

Jon Sanders and SV Perie Banou II, a Sparkman & Stephens 39, are icons in the international sailing community. Jon is a solo yachting legend and holds a number of single-handed sailing records and awards. He has circumnavigated the world nine times, five solos, covering thousands of nautical miles.


A Western Australian yachtsman and long-time member of the Royal Perth Yacht Club, Jon is best known for completing the first solo non-stop triple circumnavigation in 1988 on board SV Parry Endeavour. This 71,000 nautical mile journey took 658 days to complete – the longest distance sailed continuously by any person or vessel. SV Parry Endeavour takes pride of place next to the 1983 America’s Cup-winning Australia II in the Fremantle Maritime Museum, Western Australia.

Jon set sail on this historic voyage from Fremantle, Western Australia in October 2016. He plans to return to Fremantle one year later after circumnavigating the world.