From the delectable menu to the beautiful view of the Nanny Cay beach, it’s safe to say the Peg Legs Restaurant is one of the best in the BVI. Food and location aside, what really makes Peg Legs stand out is the wonderful staff that works there. Staff like Crystalene Straker-Leonard, our choice for this month’s Staff Spotlight.

A native of Barbados, Crystalene relocated to the British Virgin Islands in 1983 to become a babysitter. She planted roots when she married her late husband Winston Leonard, who passed away in November 2012.Crystalene has worked at Peg Legs for an impressive 14 years, surviving a number of changes in management, staff and even décor.

As the assistant manager of the restaurant, her typical work day consists of preparing for dinner, which means assisting in setting up the dining room, and making sure the kitchen is fully stocked taking note of what new items the chef has put on the menu for the evening. Despite her current role, Crystalene came up through the ranks as a waitress and still waitresses whenever she needs to.

One part of her job that Crystalene enjoys is helping patrons decide what they want to eat from the variety of choices available on the Peg Legs menu.

“If I see that someone is having a hard time choosing a dish and they’re caught between something on the regular menu and a special, I tell them to go with the special because with the regular menu chances are if you come back another night you’ll get it, but the specials may be gone.”

Crystalene does however, have her own recommendations on what’s the best thing to order from the menu.

“I’ll be very honest with you right now everything is good. Every single thing, but my personal favourite is Fish & Chips, I’m a sucker for fried foods. After that would be the Chicken and Mushroom Pie. Basically everything is good.”

After working at Nanny Cay for over 14 years it’s expected that Crystalene will have a few regulars and favourites that she looks forward to seeing. In fact, Crystalene is fortunate to have made many friends over the years.

“A few of my good friends are long time visitors of Nanny Cay; Fred and Kathy, “Big Frank” and a girlfriend of mine named Sally.”

When asked what was her favourite thing about working at Nanny Cay she replied, “I can’t say one particular thing because I like everything I do, but most of all I like meeting and interacting with new people.”

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