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Aluminum AB Ribs Coming soon for the new year:

AB 11 Foot Rib

AB 12 Foot Rib

AB 14 Foot Rib

AB 15 Foot Rib


Caribe C12 w/ Yamaha 30HP Engine

Great hull that offers incredible performance. Comes with a practical bow storage and a Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) bench.

$10,585.00 w/ YAMAHA 30HP 2 Stroke Outboard


In Stock

Plano C12 Peq
Plano CT 14

Caribe T14 w/ Yamaha 40HP Engine

A C14 with a console and a seat, as well as a big bow storage compartment.

$16,210 w/ YAMAHA 40HP Two Stroke

$18,800.00 w/ YAMAHA 40HP Four Stroke


In Stock

Caribe UB15SC w/ Yamaha 70, 85 and 90HP Engines

A 15-foot RIB with an under-deck aluminum fuel tank and double bow storage with console and seat for comfortable use.

$19,550.00 w/ YAMAHA 85HP Two Stroke 

$22,300.00 w/ YAMAHA 70HP Four Stroke 

$24,175.00 w/ YAMAHA 90HP Four Stroke 


In Stock

Plano Peq 4