Hurricane Irma passed just over a month ago, and while we still have a long way to go, solid progress continues.

Sixty docks are due to arrive in November and be installed in the undamaged outer marina, this will give us just over 100 slips here. We hope to accommodate many of our guests here this season.

The Husky Salvage team continue to clear the inner marina which is looking considerably better than it did. We have added two slips by the fuel dock and are working on additional slips. However, for the 2017/2018 season we will be making provisions for “med mooring” along the bulkhead the inner marina – tying boats up stern-to along the quay of the inner marina with moorings for the bows. This will obviously reduce the number of boats that we will be able to accommodate, but we look forward to accommodating many of our seasonal and transient guests this season. We hope to have additional plans in place soon for more dockage.

We have cranes in the boatyard righting toppled boats as the surveyors and adjusters approve the moves. The boatyard is a hive activity with boat repairs well underway and the Travelifts working full time to haul and launch boats.

All of the Nanny Cay based contractors are back up and running and working on boats.

We continue to clear up the debris around the property which is also looking more normal day by day.

Businesses continue to open for business:

  • Our Beach Bar, which barely closed, is open daily. The Galley is serving pizza and BBQ nightly.
  • Genaker Cafe is open for breakfast and lunch, serving a limited menu but full English breakfasts! Hours will be extended soon.
  • Tradewind Yachting Services is open. Engines, parts, motorbikes and dinghies are available. Service department is open too.
  • Nanny Cay Chandlery is open, well-stocked.
  • Nanny Cay Hotel has 40% of its rooms available, but without wifi and cable TV.
  • Rite Way is open, and stocking daily.
  • Cay Electronics has also reopened its doors.
  • Island Roots is serving coffee daily.
  • Relish is open daily selling a section of drinks, snacks and meal items including “boil-in-the-bag” Indian food.
  • Almond Tree Spa is open is open for cuts, crimps and colorings.
  • Quantum Sails is open and in new space above Cay Electronics.
  • The BVI Spring Regatta will take place in April 2018

Questions about boatyard and marina operations post-Irma, please take a look at our FAQs

Tradewind Yachting Services fully operational and servicing Yamaha engines and motorbikes

Nanny Cay Chandlery stocked with cleaning products, propane tanks, jerry cans and more

Mold-killing products in Nanny Cay Chandlery

Restocking in Nanny Cay Chandlery

Quantum Sails in new loft space above Cay Electronics

Almond Tree opens crimps, cuts and coloring

Debra and Crys in Genaker Cafe

Rite Way Nanny Cay back in action

The beach on its way to recovery

New fuel docks in by the entrance breakwater

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