Salvage teams leapt into action the day after Irma, securing boats in the marina, before moving to the boatyard.  A 90-tonne crane was used to right and re-chock in the largest boats in the storage areas.  The departure of this 90-tonne crane marked the end of phase I.  

The arrival of a 60-tonne crane heralded the arrival of phase II.  This 60-tonne crane is being used to right the rest of the boats in the yard.  A 10-tonne crane is also being used on smaller jobs.

In total, 90 boats in the two main storage areas have been righted, re-chocked, and/or moved since Irma.

The vast majority of boats that were docked in the inner marina during Irma have been moved now.  They are all in the outer marina –   either on the peninsula (now known as East Yard), anchored, on one of the bulkheads, or on a dock.
We have restored our fuel docks, are serving fuel and water, and have managed to salvage additional docks to rebuild ‘A’ dock.  We welcomed Necker Belle to these ‘new’ docks on October 17. 
The 36th annual BVI Charter Yacht Show takes place this week.  Gleaming crewed yachts now adorn ‘M’ and ’N’ docks; a welcome sight. 
Blue Water Divers and the marina crew are working hard to clear debris like pilings and sunken docks in the marina.  
All of the businesses based at Nanny Cay are operational to varying degrees.
Our swimming pool is back!


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