Inner marina to be fully operational by December

Major infrastructural improvements coming this year including increased water production and storage

Boatyard getting new 60-tonne trailer

Owners committed to improving and hardening Nanny Cay to maintain its status as the Caribbean’s premier resort marina and boatyard.

Outer Marina

Sixty new docks in the outer marina are completed. Work will soon restart on adding more armour rock to the sea wall of the outer peninsula.

Inner Marina

In the inner marina, clearing of all the post-Irma debris and wreckage is almost complete.

New docks for the inner marina have been ordered and will be added in three phases as they are manufactured and shipped by Walcon, together with the piles and electrical pedestals. There will be a steady stream of arrivals over the coming months with the first batch for the inner marina expected to arrive in June.

We have restored our fuel docks and are serving fuel, water and ice. We have also managed to salvage additional docks to rebuild ‘B’ dock, which will become ‘C’ dock when it is replaced with new Walcon docks.

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Nanny Cay is increasing its water production capacity by 50% and its water storage capacity by 25%. An additional 25,000 gallon per day reverse osmosis plant will increase Nanny Cay’s production capacity to 75,000 gallons per day and provide redundancy with two plants. Two 50,000 gallon water storage tanks are arriving in July, splitting water storage between the two for additional safety. They will replace the existing 80,000 gallon tank that is going to be scrapped.

Property Hardening

As work progresses through the property we are assessing areas – such as our generators and power plant – that may require additional hardening and reviewing the options to do so.

IT & Security

Construction will start soon on a concrete two-story IT & Security ‘bunker’ in the location of the previous security hut at the entrance to Nanny Cay.

The ground floor will house the security office which will be manned 24/7 (as our temporary security office is too). In addition to gate check and mobile security officers, this will house the CCTV centre for site-wide surveillance cameras.

The second floor will house all our IT equipment and network services in a fully hardened and secure environment. Nanny Cay’s network is a combination of wifi and underground wiring. All electrical power lines are underground too.

Shakir Lewis has joined Nanny Cay as our Head Of Security. He oversees the security officers and is developing new security, safety, and loss prevention systems and procedures. More details to follow.


A construction crew has just started work on the Hotel to finish the temporary repairs that were made to make it operational post-Irma.

After completion of the MarineMax building at the end of June, the construction crew from there will move to the main admin building to fully repair it by the end of the year. In addition to housing many of the Nanny Cay admin staff, this building had Ararwak on the ground floor which will be reopening as soon as the building is repaired.



A new 60-tonne self-propelled boat trailer will be arriving in August to supplement the existing 40-tonne trailer. A new Case backhoe primarily for boatyard use has arrived. 1500 sand screws will be on-site for use before hurricane season gets fully underway, and this backhoe will be used use for their installation.

An additional JCB LoadAll is also due to arrive at the end of May

With the addition of these two vehicles, Nanny Cay will have 6 heavy plant on-site – two backhoes, three JCBs and a forklift. Additionally, Husky Salvage will be basing its 60- and 90-tonne cranes at Nanny Cay.

Community Recycling Centre

As Nanny Cay continues its efforts the eradicate the use of single-use plastic on its property and throughout the BVI, we will be building a Community Recycling Centre in conjunction with Green VI near the entrance to Nanny Cay. 

This will be a drop-off point and glass, plastic, aluminium, and compostable waste. The BVI community will be encouraged to use this drop-off point which will be a collection centre for VI Plastics and Green and Clean BVI.

Last year we banned plastics straws and styrofoam food containers, and introduced reusable cups, biodegradable straws, and bagasse clamshells, in our bars and restaurants. We will redouble our efforts over the next few months to get our green initiatives (which were set back by Irma’s passing) fully back on track and further reduce the use of single-use plastic at Nanny Cay.